Performance and size exporting with licensed construct2

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  • Hello, I want to buy a license, but before I want to know the performance and size on Android and iOS. With no license test are difficult to do, I tried to export the game to html with the free version and import it into intel XDK, where I do the build for Android using Android, Android Crosswalk, Android - Cordova. With the first two the performance was bad (I'm testing the game in a Samsung Galaxy S3), and the file size was very large; with Android Cordova was a nice size (<1MB) but a very bad performance too. I tried with cocoonjs with a bad performance and a big size too.

    My question is, when purchasing the license, the export of construct2 to intel xdk or cocoonjs modify in something the performance and size of the game in android and ios? or the game will be laggy and big (big for me =more than 10MB for a game of 100K in html)?.

    I do not want to buy a license if the performance will be bad, or the size of the game will be big for a simple game.

    (I did my tests using the template autorunner as is of construct2)

    Thank you!

  • Buying a license I think does not improve performance, which is why people here design very carefully for mobile.

  • Hi Aphrodite, thank you for your answer. Maybe exporting to cocoonjs for example, construct includes a different js with other primitives with better performance, why not? that is my question

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  • I am mostly doing currently games on PC tablet and mobile without wrappers so I do not know a lot about C2 optimisations for them

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