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  • hi,

    this is mostly a Question for

    so, I was testing some builds and I noticed when I have a big layout like 1920x1080 and i run the game with window size 1920x1080 the game laggs on most devices. Reducing the Window size to example 640x480 it works nicer on every console.

    The question now is .. if I leave the window size as 1920x1080, but scale the layout by 1.5, which looks like it's zoomed in, does it affect performance?

    Is Performance better like when window is reduced (which also works like it's zoomed on a part of layout), or is it not?

    Can you explain a little bit more in technical detail.. why and where?

  • If reducing the window size improves performance, it's probably bottlenecked on GPU fillrate. Scaling the layout won't help, because there are still the same number of pixels to fill. 'Low quality' fullscreen mode should help, since it renders at a lower resolution (fewer pixels to fill) and then scales the result up at the end.

  • yeah, that's what i was wondering

    thanks for the answer.

    btw.. one more question -> if i have a 1920x1080 background image + bump mapping effect + normal map image 1920x1080 - what is the complexity of the rendering? is it going 3 times through render pipelines? or even more? that seems taxing a lot on GPU/CPU

    btw i've tried layout scaling to 1.5 and it had better performance than 1.0, are you sure it doesn't affect the fillrate?

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  • Using effects involves the effect compositor which is very complicated and has no one answer. It depends entirely on the particular effects used and where they are used.

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