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  • Hi,

    I have a question :

    If i made a game with a ball and some platforms and there are like 100 lvls, and on any layout there are simple sprites (almost 10-20 obj on a layout) that have the behaviour solid, physics and a ball with physics. Coul my game have/ be laggy on mobile phones ?

    I can't export now becouse I do not have a license momentary, but I will buy one in a month.

    I'm wonder If it will be lag or what kind of performance issues could there be?

    P.S. the sprites arn't big, they are like 72,28 pixels but there are like 20 on a layout.

    I'm not using a lot of memory ( I looked in the debugger) but i don't know if there will be performance issues.

    Thanks a lot.

  • I do not want to sound like the "Well it depends" guy, but it really does. What device will you begin to test it on? 100 lvls? That would require 100 layouts, but the amount of layouts and performance don't go together. It is what's happening within the layout, that will effect performance. 10-20 objects? That does not seem like enough to effect performance. I've been prototyping a few games in the past with about 50+ physics objects in a 0 Gravity setting, with the collectibles spawning particles and the performance did drop into the 40s FPS but anything below was rare and the reason for the FPS dropping was the particle spawning.

    The testing was done with my HTC One M7, via the CocoonJS App Launcher. Since then, I haven't done any testing with physics, since I've found the "Bullet" behavior to be a better choice for the game I'm creating.

    So no, I do not think you will experience serious performance issues if you know what you are doing.

    Then you've got the whole "Construct 2 games on mobiles have terrible performance!!!" across the C2 community, but strangely and fortunately I haven't experienced that yet.

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  • you should read the performance tutorials

    also heree is a link on previewing over lan so you can see what performance may be close to ... al-network

  • volkiller730

    Yeah, i read it twice this year, just to be sure.

    usman Haq

    Thank you for your feedback.Good luck with your games.

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