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  • Hello,

    I am making a platform game and i was wondering how poeple handle levels.. mine is composed of 2x tilemap of 3000x2000 (16x16 tiles) (one for background and one for foreground which is collisions)

    To load a map it take around 5-8 seconds (from ajax TMX). However, i was wondering if this could cause performance problems in the long term ? (I am mostly making it for desktop) will it be better to avoid scrolling at all and big levels and simply use a kind of zelda 1 scrolling effect with small levels ? So when i reach the end of a level simply load the other.. but i might have some problems such when ennemis see me in a level they must fellow me somehow..

    Thanks for your advices!

  • At 3000x2000, I really would t be too worried for desktop. I have much larger with tons more going on than you are describing and my 7-year-old PC can handle it fine.

  • Alright! Thanks. However i decided to go the 1280x720 levels-by-levels route (such in Zelda) because i may export to mobile.

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  • I wonder whether the gpu handles a tilemap as a handful of separate textures or like a signle texture atlas ? If it works as an atlas, in memory you'll get a 2048*1024 texture, which is big for lower end mobile phones (Android in particular).

    Good luck,


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