Performance question regarding canvas size!

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  • I'm thinking about ways to make dynamic graphic settings for KlangM. A thought struck me: "Can reducing the canvas size and compensating with layout scale act as a form of screen resolution?"

    So to the people who understands the inner workings of Construct 2, a question for you:

    Will a canvas size of 640x360 with 0.5 layout scale deal with less pixels than a canvas size of 1280x720 with 1.0 layout scale? Would the first pick be more performance-friendly, or does it make no difference?


  • I was wondering for a long time the same thing, I hope some one can give us some light on this

  • I'm guessing you could test this quite easily by setting up two projects with the different settings and check in the debug mode.

  • Thing with the debug mode is that it only covers CPU. Most of the rendring's done on the GPU, so there's no way to track it in the debugger as far as I know.

    I've already tested that it can definately act as a screen resolution, but I don't have any way of monitoring the performance change. In some cases it almost gave me the impression it was performing worse?

  • Are you using it with low quality fullscreen scaling? If you do that you'll force the render texture to draw at canvas size, which should boost performance somewhat if your gpu is struggling.

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  • ErekT Yes I tried with both. High quality kept it as sharp as the native resolution. Low quality acted more like a dynamic screen resolution. Hard to judge if it made any performance difference.

  • You've also got an FPS value in debug.

    If your fps is low but CPU is also low, then it's a good indication that the GPU is killing your framerate.

    Also, rather than testing in debug, stick a text object in the layout displaying (FPS&", "&cpuutilisation) and run normally - should give a more accurate performance reading than debug

  • Oh nice. Had forgotten about that expression. Thanks!

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