Performance of multiple tiled backgrounds vs sprite

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  • I'm trying to eke out as much performance as I could in a project, so I was wondering whether a sprite with multiple animations is at all more intensive than having multiple tiled background objects which get created/destroyed as needed.

    Basically I have several (large) static background images. They're never on screen at the same time, so currently I just have a sprite object with a one-frame animation corresponding to each image, and so it'll just switch through them. I was wondering if it'd be better to instead have a tiled background object for every image and place it on the screen where appropriate. This is all considering:

    a) The backgrounds are there to look pretty, no collisions/animation/etc. required.

    b) The backgrounds are set at the beginning of the layout and otherwise won't be affected throughout play.

    So, is there any appreciable difference between these two options?

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  • Use tilemap if you want animate tiled backgrounds.

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