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  • Hello.

    I used GM: studio for some time and now searching for new game engine.

    Considering few choises and reading pros and cons of those engines.

    So about cons that I found on this website

    Dependency on 3rd parties for all exports

    Since desktop uses NodeWebkit and mobile is Crosswalk, Phonegap or CocoonJS there is no guarantee that your final export performance and quality will be up to scratch for pro level 2d games.

    Poor mobile performance

    Construct 2 is focused on Javascript. Javascript isn't as fast as native code, which results in poor performance on mobile

    Those comments was written 2 years ago. So did anything changed?

    Did there is still performace issues on mobile phones and windows app's?

    Thanks for the answers.

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  • The situation is the same insofar as it's still a HTML5 engine, the exports are still wraps. If a device performed badly 2 years ago, it will do so now. And chrome-blacklisted video cards from 2014 won't have improved.

    On current gear things will run better, of course. Still, you will have a hard time matching gamemaker's output performance. On some target devices it won't be possible.

    You can test the performance (for the most part) with the free version. Using chrome on desktop and mobiles, you get an (almost) 1:1 preview of the final performance, because most wrappers are just that - chrome neatly packed.

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