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  • I notice lots of people reporting performance issues lately, I have been as well. I'm wondering if something changed (in C2 or chrome) that caused this or am I just late to the party? Also, I notice that when I run the game windowed in a lower resolution that it runs great. Ashley, would it be possible to make it so the player can set resolution if performance is bad on their device or is there already a way to do this that I am missing. Thanks, Morgan.

  • I've mostly just seen people asking questions. If you have any specifics or demos to profile I could try to comment on them.

    'Low quality' fullscreen mode does a low-res render which is cheaply scaled up.

  • You can also use the set canvas size action, combined with the set layout scale, to have multiple "base resolutions" instead of just the window size itself

    I think being able to set the base resolution for the low quality would be a nice addition though, as this trick with the set canvas size feels kind of "hacky".

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  • Aphrodite - thanks. I will try that. I also agree that easily being able to change those settings would be nice. Ashley - I'd like to send you my capx - maybe you could give me a few pointers.

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