Performance issue on cocoonjs iphone 3GS

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  • Help!

    I'm building my prototype game, very simple(less than 10 sprites and backdrops) I also followed the performance guide. but the frame rate is usually under 20fps.

    I attached the project file and the cocoonJS zip file here hope you can take a look:)

  • The 3GS is pretty crummy performance wise. Some people arn't even targeting it because its so bad.

    I phone 4 minimum.

  • Did you use CocoonJS 1.2 launcher?

  • I think I have the latest one on appstore. and I just checked version it is 1.2

  • I have tried different method to see if there any improvement. 1 st I have about 60 objects on a level(not on screen), the framerate is about 20 to 30 fps. but it will get better after a while. or after I restart the game several times.

    Then I also tried remove most of the enemy objects, spawn them by certain event(e.g. re-spawn enemy). then the framerate is better, about 30 to 35fps.

    So here is my conclusion: Existing object will eat performance even they are not draw on screen. If I have a big level with pre-placed enemies, how do I improve performance?

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  • I'm in the same boat as you, I usually can't get past 40fps with a decent amount of objects on-screen. My advice to you is to make sure if you really need a lot of frames, because in many cases framerate independence reduces the need for high framerate.

    Also, small details like Pixel Rounding, not overusing Tiled Backgrounds, and cutting back on objects that aren't necessary to gameplay. If your lag is due to too many objects, then may benefit from having one background with multiple elements, rather than splitting small parts. Anything that reduces memory should be beneficial.

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