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  • Hi, Anyone else having issues when recording C2 game video with Bandicam? (using Chrome)

    I was getting this annoying screen "hiccup" about every 2 seconds in my game and thought I had a major performance leak. But I loaded up a blank project with no events and got the same hiccup...My computer is relatively fast, and I use Bandicam to record other games all the time without issue.

    The capx only has 1 tiled background and 1 sprite with the 8Direction behavior.

    for Bandicam recording options I just used the YouTube 720p preset

    here is the video capture with those "hiccups" (6MB video) ... 23-307.avi

  • use Fraps, for some reason Bandicam behaves very strangely with nodewebkit or html 5.

  • Why is Fraps so out of date? last update was Feb 2013?? and the installer is incredibly old. I am using Win8.1 and there doesn't seem to be a way to record Chrome... works great with my Steam games though!

  • There are a whole ton of alternatives, free ones, like OBS:

  • DatapawWolf yes OBS has given me the best performance so far, however the overall quality of the video is not so great. There doesn't seem to be any option to adjust key frames. For example, fade in/out from/to black looks terrible and choppy. Also my backgrounds are dark so there's lots of pixelation (artifacts). Or it could be a compression thing, either way I have yet to find a setting that looks totally clear.

    any other suggestions?

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  • I've used Fraps/Bandicam for years in WoW so I can confidently say that OBS was a serious upgrade for me.

  • jobel overall quality? What settings are you using, and are you referring in quality to the unedited file created by OBS? There's a lot that goes into recording, and even little things like compression quality vs. speed can make a visible difference.

    The only reason FRAPS has amazing quality is because there is no compression. It's just writing all that huge amount of data straight to the disk.

    OBS can compress on the fly, and I believe does so by default.

    And if I'm remembering correctly, Bandicam can also do compression, but the difference in quality again comes down pretty much to codec, compression, & other software settings, and not the software itself (unless you're using some poorly-coded/obscure freeware). Hence, and solely in my opinion, the best software for recording is free and/or open source software (although if FRAPS was current it could be justified by low price & ease of use).

  • Use OBS, OBS can do lossless recording, there is a tutorial in their forums and plenty on Youtube on how to do it.

  • DatapawWolf yeah overall quality, like trying to get the best version of the video. I'm not streaming anything, this would be to show footage of my game, so I'd want that highest quality possible. I'd rather put my own compression on there and be in control of it.

    twg thanks! I will check that out.. I don't want RAW footage either.. just something that does not degrade quality. Otherwise it looks like the game itself is that way and not the video.

  • I'd really like to use Bandicam, I like its interface and ease of use...but it's unusable for C2 projects. Fraps looks super nice, but alas doesn't work with Browsers..too bad they don't update it.

    twg okay I just checked out how to set the quality in OBS.

    In Settings you check Custom x264 Encoder Settings. then you set the CFR= (constant frame rate)

    51=worst quality


    18=better quality


    here's the link for those of you who would like to know more...

  • jobel Glad you figured it out, I've recorded footage for trailers 1080 that look great with 10-15 CFR.

  • twg yeah that sounds about right. I finally settled on CFR 15 for my capture and it looked great. thanks!

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