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  • I wrote the game in a few weeks (its a slot game with skill component). It was running at a healthy 60FPS on an iphone 4, when idle or when animating the reels etc.

    Ive spent the last 6 weeks doing the surrounding control and info pages, settings, paytable explanation pages etc.

    So now there are additional "pages" which are just off-screen collections of sprites and text boxes which I "swipe" in and out when needed with bullet behavior on families and pinned backgrounds etc.

    The problems is now the game runs at 20FPS when idle, and less when animating, even though all the stuff I have added is off screen and doing nothing.

    Any ideas how this can be helped? I cant go live with 20FPS- - its now unresponsive and not nice to use.

    Why do off-screen non-animating sprites kill performance, even when idle?

    would doing something like set enabled to off on the bullets when not in use help (rather than just setting their speed to 0)?

    90% of my sprites are just dumb images. Some are acting as buttons.

    Thanks for any tips.

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