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  • Ok so after just a few days of being in the studio I have got some great results with Construct 2. I also have some great results in Stencyl. I really need to know if I should continue the Construct 2 build at the moment or concentrate on the Stencyl build regarding performance in iOS or wait a little while and come back to it when the platform has matured a little.

    So far, what are peoples experience using Phone Gap and does anyone know anything about the performance in r100?

    I would use Construct 2's interface above Stencyl's any day but have left work to pursue the indie game career (as has my work mate), so it is quite important to make some good decisions regarding platform now.

    I really love Construct the more I use it by the way... If only it had the export options of some inferior products!

  • Can you describe about the inferior products? i'm curious

  • Gamesalad (easy to use for basic projects, impossible for complex ones), Gamemaker (actually the new studio version looks good but before that buggy and hard to use) and MMF2, which is just a bit dated and has a lot of artifacts from Klik & Play (from 1994).

    Stencyl and Construct 2 are both great but are also both not matured yet. Incredibly good though!

  • Thanks for clearing that. The good thing is we decided to use C2. :)

  • You mention PhoneGap - it has been said by Scirra to be completely unsuitable for making games. You are much more likely to succeed going with cocoonjs or appmobi.

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  • Excellent advice Sqiddster, they both look great. I presume I need to get an Apple developer account to use either?

    Does anyone know why, when i test even the simplest game, it runs like crap on my iPhone 4 using HTML5 over the router? Everything is unplayably slow :(

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