Performance improvement with Phonegap 2.2

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  • As stated here Apache rewrited from scratch the android javascript to java bridge with a 25x performance increase (!!!) on code execution.

    On my Galaxy ACE (800 Mhz single core) the overall performance increase is very high boosting my game (clyde) from 14-15 FPS to 20-21 FPS (a 30-35% increase).

    GFX rendering is still not HW accelerated, but this new Js2Java bridge leave a lot of CPU time for software rendering.

    This is a good news for those who can't use an accelerated solution like Appmobi or CocoonJS.

  • Cool can't wait to try it.

    Did you publish using their build server? or though your own xcode publish?

  • I used Eclipse on windows. PG 2.2 is not yet available on PG build servers.

    I'm testing just now my game and I don't find any issue with my C2 project. Everything seems to work as expected (accelerometer, audio, custom plugins, custom code called through callJS...)

  • Interesting, but software renderers are still pretty poor for games. There really needs to be an accelerated solution which is why we still recommend directCanvas or CocoonJS.

  • I agree with you Ashley. HW acceleration IS the way. But in my case neither Directcanvas nor CocoonJS are ready to run my project, so this is a good way to test my game on a real mobile device with a playable performance while waiting for accelerated wrappers improvements.

  • Excellent news, I'll take a look and see how it performs. I'm still operating using cordova 1.7.0 as every build after that has some issues with playing sounds. Hopefully 2.2 doesn't have any sound issues.

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  • I migrated my app from 1.7 to 2.2 without issues.

    Talking about sounds, BG Music on android doesn't butcher FPS anymore.

  • So far so good! Didn't play bg music on first boot, but played all sound effects. bg kicked in on second play. Looks less laggy, but I haven't checked fps yet. Thanks for the tip off!!

  • Knifegrinder Yeah!!! Just embedded FPS text and it's boosted one of my games from 17-21 fps to 22-26 fps, and it looks smoother. Kickass!

    ...the downside is that when the I close the app the background music keeps on playing so I'll have to build a workaround (or just not have bg music) <img src="smileys/smiley6.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • So are you saying you don't need to use Audio Latency Plugin anymore to get reliable audio playback?

  • AndyWatson

    I don't have this issue. What phone do you have? It's running android 2.x or 4.x?


    I suggest you to keep working with the plugin, basicaly because phonegap native audio player doesn't still support BG music loop. Apache announced a new audio engine in the next release, so it may be worth waiting.

  • Knifegrinder interesting that all's good with you, seems like it's a fairly isolated problem then. I'm running a Samsung Galaxy S2 with android 2.x, I can check it on an HTC as well, so will do so.

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