Performance drops hard when exported to Windows 8

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  • Hello everyone,

    I have a bit of an issue that I can't quite seem to figure out. I have been working on this game for awhile (it's a game similar to a Fall Down type of game), and everything was going great. It ran great in the Construct debugger and everything. When I finally exported it to Windows 8, I had a couple of issues, the biggest being an insane drop in performance to the point where the game now looks tacky. It lags quite a bit. However if I export it to HTML 5, it works just fine. Any ideas? I should also mention that I do load in on the start of the layout 2000 objects, but most are off screen. If this is why I'm having the performance issue, are there any suggestions for optimizing this? On a final side note, when running it in Test Mode, even after setting IsActive to true and IsTrial to true, it still won't show the trial version of my app; it just shows the full version. Is there anything else I have to do for that? Thank you for any answers!

  • Make sure you are not running it in Debug mode. It reduces performance. You have to set it to Release mode.

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  • If you're testing in Chrome, Firefox or IE11, you'll get WebGL support which is faster. If you export to Windows 8.0 you'll get the IE10 engine with no WebGL support, which is slower. Exporting to Windows 8.1 supports IE11 and WebGL though.

  • To SpacialPumpkin: Thank you for the quick reply, but I probably should've mentioned that I wasn't running it in debug mode.

    Ashley: I've been thinking that it might have something to do with the fact it wasn't running with WebGL, but I wasn't sure. If I am exporting to Windows 8.1 though, my program won't be compatible with just flat Windows 8, correct?

  • If your game needs webgl to run smoothly, which it sounds like it does, then it's not going to work well with flat Windows 8 anyways. But to answer your question, no it's not the same.

  • So then, is there an efficient way to load your objects in as they are supposed to come in on the screen, or is creating them all initially the best method?

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  • cgoodwin

    you may put all objects in some not used layout

    and then inject them by i.e.

    system > create object

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