How is the performance Construct 2?

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  • Hi! I'm newbe in this of developing games with construct. I've got some doubts about developing IOS games in Construct 2.

    * Is the performance good in construct2 ? For example at given point, how many events-actors may handle? May handle big maps like rpg games or so?

    * Is compatible with gamecenter on IOS? Is it easy to include in the game ?

    * Does allow to modify the game code to add some custom events or actor behavior?


  • Performance on iOS is not amazing at the moment. It probably couldn't handle a large rpg map.

    I'm not sure about game center integration.

    You can create your own C2 plugins with the javascript sdk.

  • Ok thanks! I could try to load screens with smaller size.. like old school games.

    But what about integration with gamecenter, IADs and in-app purchases?

    Many thanks again.

  • There is other integrations like Appmobi Playmobi and Clay.IO

    Check them out in the plugin section

    For app-purchases , I don't know , it's being worked !

  • Here is a question thought: Does performance depends on how many objects is on screen or on the size and amount of objects on the layout, or both?


  • megatronx, the size of the layout, the amount of total objects, and the amount of objects on screen can all play a role. The size/angle/opacity of the individual objects should have no effect.

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  • On mobile, I have found that performance is actually worse if objects are rotated. Not sure why.

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