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  • Hey there.

    I'm currently working on finishing my game and I built in the option to continue a previously started game. At the first start, the performance is alright, but when I load (using the load command and also waiting for it to load by using on load complete) the performance decreases drastically. Any idea why this is happening and how to solve it?

    My game has a lot going on in the main game window, but like I said, on first start the performance is just fine, it only collapses when loading.

  • Hi Erkberg,

    I recently tried to add C2's new 'Save & Load' system to my project, and the same thing happened.

    Everything ran well in the regular game. But I noticed a big loss of 10-15 fps when loading a saved game. This performance drop only seemed to happen on mobiles, but I never managed to worked out why. And eventually I had to remove the option from my project.

    Hopefully someone will be able to enlighten us both :)

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  • You guys may have stumbled on something no one else has noticed yet. In which case it should be reported.

    Is it something you can recreate in a small capx, or does it have to be a big save?

    I was planning on using it as an "Undo" saving before each turn. So I may be helping in the search soon enough.

  • Paradox, Erkberg,

    Just tried a simple test, but couldn't recreate the problem. So it seems this issue only shows up on larger projects, with more to save!

    In the project mentioned above, I was using WebStorage alongside the Save & Load option. At the time, I did wonder if the two may have conflicted in some way.

    I'll keep on looking for a solution, as I'd really like to make use of this very handy option, in my mobile projects.

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