Perfomance problem in .APK game

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  • (srry for my english )

    Hello everyone ;)

    well, we are working hard in a mobile game and we just export our game into a ".apk" with the phonegapp aplication (cocoonjs didnt work good with us) our game use a lot of physics behaivors and other stuff, a lot and a lot of events and when we finally test our game into diferents mobile devices it was horrible :C

    in a Galaxy S4 works perfectly at 50-60 FPS

    sony xperia works perfectly at 60-71 FPS

    and we just test in normal devices and it dont even get to the 10 FPS!!

    D: we where working in this proyect all the entire year and the perfomance its not good.

    we tried to remove a lot of graphics stuff and we make the game 20 fps fasters but not enought for some cellphones.

    and now with the "new Physics" we think it was going to make a better perfomance in mobile devices but not. its the same thing. :C

    if there is a possibility to talk with a scirra developer or someone who is a expert in the perfomance area to send it the ".APK" to test the game perfomance???

    the devices that dont run our game can run a GTA 3 and others 3d games! D:

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  • PhoneGap is incredibly slow. It doesn't support hardware accelerated rendering. This is is what CocoonJS does: it supports hardware accelerated rendering so even older devices can run fast.

  • but when i export my project to cocoonjs its takes a loooot of time loading and i use a layout to load the proyect with a fps counter and its always shows 0 - 3 fps

  • IJCT

    first of all you need to check the check box on CocoonJS to use physics

    second i suggest that you will devide the your game into small section and try to figure out where does your game runs slow, and try rewrite the logic.


    I think it's a good idea to develop some kind of a plugin into C2 that will check the performance, which components load slower that the others, etc' for a deeper performance debug.

  • Ok so now we are running with cocoonjs...

    firts we where using a loading layout but for some reason inside the game nothing happened after the layout finished to load so we change it to the normal "loading & logo" and now the screen looks black and nothing load...

  • xXxForsakenxXx That is what the debugger does. It tells you the amount of time each object takes to load, teh CPU usage of each object, etc... hit ctrl + F5 to launch your app with the debugger.

  • but cocoonjs supposed to be a lot times faster than phonegapp,

    in phonegapp the only problem i have its the perfomance in older cellphones but in cocoonjs it didnt even run.

  • IJCT

    I've head of this coming up before. I've had this problem, but only with games with assets running up to near 100mb compressed. How big is you game? Are you using any images above 2048x2048, are you using any DOM elements(TextBox), are you using Physics?

    If your using Physics Ludie CJS often doesn't keep Scirra and especially the plugin up to date. Ashley won't work on it any more due to the lack of Ludies efforts of communication. If that's the case you will have to NOT use CocoonJS physics.

  • yes, my game is using the cocoonjs Physics, so what Physic should i use?

  • Well the one where it says in the CocoonJS plugin to either use CocoonJS Accelerated Physics or Standard Web based. I assume your using the CocoonJS plugin.

  • Ok thx for all the people who are helping me here :)

    now i can test in cocoonjs but i have another problem...


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