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  • lorinbeer

    Hope everything goes well and you get back on your feet quickly.

  • lorinbeer Sorry to here you need surgery. I hope everything goes well for you.

  • I'm praying for this

  • felixsg You could always send lorinbeer a get well card with a link to this thread as a friendly reminder. The email address is on Lorin's GitHub profile page:

    I just seen some public activity on lorinbeer's GitHub account about 11 hours ago so the surgery must have went well. I hope we are next <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • I'm definitely keeping an eye on this technology!

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  • I'm curious what happened to his feet?

  • lorinbeer

    You are ok???

  • Well it looks like he has done some work anyway based on the activity link

  • Hey folks,

    thanks for the concern and the patience!

    clone the repo and run from unix shell or compatible (cygwin, etc)

          ./create -c

    This will create an example project linked to the PenderLibrary project.

    There may be some rough edges going forward, but I will be available to sort out any issues you have.

    email me, or post an issue to the github repo.

    Good Night and Good Luck!

  • Wow on the picture! Glad you are OK!

    I'm going to give this a shot now, thanks so much for your hard work.

  • My pleasure! Let me know how it goes!

  • lorinbeer

    Well, maybe you can shine some light on the errors I get when just trying to do the create. I'm using git bash in windows.

    Maybe an example of how the command line would look for an existing project?

    PenderTools: Creating Client Project

    ./create: line 119: android: command not found

    grep: invalid option -- o

    Usage: grep [OPTION]... PATTERN [FILE]...

    Try `grep --help' for more information.

    android create lib-project --name Pender --target 0 --path PenderAndroidLibrary

    --package com.pender

    ./create: line 100: android: command not found

    executing curl on

    % Total    % Received % Xferd Average Speed   Time    Time     Time Current

                                     Dload Upload   Total   Spent    Left Speed

    0   325    0     0    0     0      0      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:--     0

    0   343    0     0    0     0      0      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:--     0

    0   425    0     0    0     0      0      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:--     0

    0     0    0     0    0     0      0      0 --:--:-- 0:00:01 --:--:--     0

    0 1115k    0     0    0     0      0      0 --:--:-- 0:00:01 --:--:--     0

    Warning: Failed to create the file PenderAndroidLibrary/libs/rhino1_7Rpre.jar:

    Warning: No such file or directory

    0 1115k    0 4150    0     0   2830      0 0:06:43 0:00:01 0:06:42 270k

    curl: (23) Failed writing body (0 != 4150)

    ./create: line 119: android: command not found

    grep: invalid option -- o

    Usage: grep [OPTION]... PATTERN [FILE]...

    Try `grep --help' for more information.


    android update project --path PenderClient --library ../PenderAndroidLibrary

    ./create: line 112: android: command not found

  • ugh, that's ugly. You're running this on a windows machine, aren't you? :)

    grep should be available for cygwin, that will enable the build tool to run the 'android' tool. The create script using grep to swap out arguments. The failure of curl is also likely a platform issue.

    What we need is native windows build tools, but that will take a day at least. Let's see if we can't do this manually.

    first let's run android and create our projects

    1. android create lib-project --name Pender --target <targetid> --path <path> --package com.pender

    where "<targetid>" is replaced with the latest android target and "<path>" is the desired path to the project, call it PenderAndroidLibrary

    2. android create project --target <targetid> --path <path> --package <package> --activity <activityid>

    where "<targetid>" = latest android target

              "<path>" = path to project, should be same dir as the Library Project

              "<package>" = com.pender.example or whatever you want to call your example

              "<activityid>" = name of the main activity of the example, let's go with ArcadeEd

  • I have a mac also if that makes things easier :).

    So by Targetid are you referring to an APK? I'm sorry, I'm feeling like a noob here. Out of my comfort zone for sure :). I'll try it like that :)

  • 3. next copy the source from the root of the repo to the root of the library project

    cp -r pender-android/src /path/to/your/pender/library/project/src

    so if you made the pender library in PenderAndroidLibrary in the same directory as the git repo, the command would be:

    cp -r pender-android/src PenderAndroidLibrary/src

    4. next download the Rhino lib:

    5. put the rhino1_7R5pre.jar file downloaded in 4 in PenderAndroidLibrary/libs

    yeah, target id is the APK, type: "android list targets" to get a full list of the targets installed on your system.

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