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  • I wanted to find out if it would be possible to embed a mini game or app into a website using jquery to reveal and hide the game. I'm not really sure how this would hold up with a big heavy game. It seems cool because the game seems to load fine while hidden behind the panel so I'm not getting the loader bar etc. It also would be nice on a page where space is a high commodity. Anyhow here is a link to my test....peek a boo

    I'm by no means even a novice coder yet, so I have no idea if this will fly in the real world. Perhaps you coders can tell me. I also was not sure where to post this, and I hope you don't mind it here.

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  • Wow I love your Art do you sell them, I would like to buy 1 ?

    But to your question, sure is that possible but i think the problem will be that if you build a big game the website will only show if the game is fully loaded. So you should insert it after the body(DOM) of your website is fully loaded, if you need help there I can help you ;)

  • Thank you for your comment on the art. If you need some art, I would be happy to do a trade out, or for money. I would be willing to trade some art for help with math or code issues.

    The webpage is not created with C2, but has the game embedded, and it uses an external jquery plugin. So that is why I wonder how it will effect what is visible while loading. There is still a huge tree resting on my roof and I'm buried in a Holiday project, so I wont have time to try in out on a big heavy game. However the intention in the beginning was to use the effect for smaller mini games that can be used for fun and advertisement on a commercial site without taking up a boatload of space.

    PM me about art. I'll hook you up. I'm mostly interested in collaborations.

  • Great work Auntie Val, I'm also looking at the possibilities of C2/web-page integration, and though I'm tearing my hair out this has given me some hope!

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