Peculiar Multiplayer Problem

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  • So, I made a multiplayer game then exported it to android for my friends to mess around in. I then tested it with my friend (different wifi) and we connected and played 3 rounds with no problem.

    An hour later, we try to play again but cannot connect. Multiplayer.CurrentRoom shows that we are in the same room and Multiplayer.PeerCount is 2 so it seems like we have successfully connected, however the 'On peer connected' is not being run in the host's event sheet making the peer's object not be created.

    This is extremely weird and I haven't been able to figure this one out after trying to fix it for hours. The game still works in 2 browsers and we've been able to connect before so it doesnt seem like our networks are the problem... Anybody have any ideas?

  • did you change any events between tests?

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  • No I didn't. Today I tested again with him and it didn't work so I added some variables to see if they're being assigned host & peer. It seems like they are being assigned the proper role, recognize they're in the room and that there's 2 of them. After trying it again, it magically started working again...

    Maybe sometimes it just takes a reeeeeeally long time for peers to actually establish a connection to each other.

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