PC or Mobile Dev ?

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  • I just wondered how many C2 users develop for PC only.

    I realise C2 is atractive as a development platform for mobile stuff but i personally only develop for the PC. To me this means i dont have to worry so much about performance.

    Of course i need my games to be smooth to play, but i can use lots of features ( physics , lighting etc) that you couldnt really do on a mobile.

    Would C2 be a different product if it didnt cater for the mobile market?

  • Cross-platform is always nice. You know it depends on the performance, my puzzle game works 60 fps on some mobiles with HTML5 support.

  • I do mostly for PC. There's plenty of a market there and, really, a better one in a lot of ways.

    But once webgl becomes standard on at least android tablets, I'll include touch controls for Courier to give the user more options with which to play. But I develop for PC first and foremost since it provides the highest-quality target platform.

  • If I had a compatible mobile, I'll try to do for mobile phones, unfortunatelly, I don't have this choice..

    Also, the performances on mobile seems to be really what affraid people, so I my case, being able to test is really important.

    still, I support touch controls, because even if a mobile is not sure to make my game smooth and playable, tablets seems to (well, the level designer I work with tried on an iPad and seems to have a good experience of gameplay, so, that is still worth supporting touch inputs)

  • Performance on mobile is a nightmare. But if you want to make some money with HTML5 games you have no choice, mobile is actually the best (and the only one ?) solution.

  • I bought C2 purely for mobile development. But since my purchase, I've become more aware of the variety of platforms open to us!

    I'm still a little unsure about how you can make money selling games for PC, Mac etc. But I'd like to explore the prospect, and learn more about the opportunities that are out there! Perhaps the views on this thread will help to shed some light on the subject!

  • Maybe Ashley would say that because its an HTML5 dev platform then it suits the PC too, which is correct but i do feel that maybe its development is angled towards mobile devs.

    It would be nice to see games produced with purely the PC in mind and something which would really showcase the software rather than the drop in drop out gaming which mobiles offer.

    The real irony for me in this is that i have been an avid PC gamer for donkeys years ( a long time ;-) ) and since i bought this software i have spent more time trying to create games than playing them! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I prefer making for PC first, as is its the leading platform.

  • Using C2 you're technically developing for any platform it supports..."Developing solely for PC" translates to "I clicked Node Webkit export instead" lol. Unless you're using NW-exclusive features, that is..but still.

  • Using C2 you're technically developing for any platform it supports..."Developing solely for PC" translates to "I clicked Node Webkit export instead" lol. Unless you're using NW-exclusive features, that is..but still.

    Very true. Although potentially the PC platform should allow game creators to be less restricted in what they produce.

  • PC only, because:

    1. Mobile performance isn't so good ATM

    2. The mobile market is oversaturated and it's very difficult to make any money there, even with a very good game.

  • I demand a poll for this :D. Just so we can have a good data of consensus of users targeting PC vs mobile :D.

    sqiddster you say it's very difficult making money via mobile, suggesting that it's much easier to monetize to PC? May I ask how would you monetize via PC? Is the Steam community open for C2 made games? I'm just curious and actually thinking towards making for the PC but the path is still unclear for me.

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  • Soybean There are two main ways that come to mind in terms of making money on PC.

    1. Licence and ad money on many online games. True Valhalla makes a good living doing this, and has written a book on it.

    2. Work hard on one 'AAA indie game'. Any successful indie game you see that's 2D and doesn't rely on multiplayer or some performance intensive concept not optimized in C2, could be made in C2.

    In regards to the question as to whether Steam is open to C2 games - it's as open as it it to any other game.

  • "AAA indie game" is kind of an oxymoron lol. There are lots of ways to monetize games on the PC. Sell it on your own site via FastSpring, BMT micro, etc. or get on Indievania, Steam, Desura (not sure if they take 'game engine' games though) or license them off or go for ad revenue..the list goes on. Frankly I wouldn't even bother trying to monetize mobile games. Too late for that. Plus C2 games and mobile devices don't get along so well. Oh the irony.

    There's also the OUYA but many consider it dead on arrival.

  • Tokinsom

    I said 'AAA Indie game' as that's a name given by Chris Hecker (Creator of Spy Party) to high profile indie games ;)

    Steam, Desura, etc definitlely accept 'Game Engine' games. There are numerous C2 games on greenlight ATM, and Hotline Miami, among other games, was made in Game Maker (which is inferior to C2)

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