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  • I am wondering whether it would be possible to include an in-app payment processing plugin(PayPal?) that would allow processing payments in Construct 2 apps. Is developing a payment processing plugin in Scirra's short-term plans?

  • If this is popular I would consider coding a plugin for a merchant CC gateway that I provide in Australia.

  • We're considering our options for this, but most payment systems require you set up your own server-side scripting, which requires programming knowledge. And if you're doing that anyway, coding your own plugin to interact with it in the Javascript SDK shouldn't be too much extra work. So it's totally possible with the SDK today. We're not sure when we'll get round to payments, we have a very long todo list, so I encourage anyone interested to look in to the SDK - anything we do ourselves may well require server side scripting so official features may not actually make it much less work.

  • Would it be possible to be able to process in game payments by using an HTML request (either with AJAX or a regular HTML request)? This would be easier then creating our own server side code.


  • I meant HTTP request instead of HTML request in the above post.



  • I was wondering that as well. It would be awesome if you could just run some HTML or just put an HTML button somewhere. That way you could have a donate button or something to that effect.

  • Considering paypal, you could set up the HTML code to the donate button in you paypal account and display it in a DIV object.

    Also you could very well use the browser object or the iFrame object and direct to/display a HTML page containing all your html code/links/whatever payment method you want to use.

  • That is perfect. Also you could just link to a webpage with a donation button.

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  • I'd be cautious about using the donation button though. Paypal isn't as lenient with it as they used to be.

  • ^^ what do you mean?

  • Paypal has lately been tightening up their practices. The donate button is intended to be used for donations (figure that =P ), not payments. As far as I know, you're not hindered in any way to use it, but it is up to you that you use it proper. I don't know what kind of repercusions there are, but if you're using it to accept payment for products and such, you're not using it the way it's intended.

    This is something I heard about this summer. I'm not entirely knowledgable about it, but I think there's reason to be cautious. Before anyone use the button I'd suggest looking into it.

  • Well someone said something about the donation button earlier.

    But you can also make a "micro payment button" that acts pretty much like the donate button.

    In fact it is in the "seller" part of paypal I think. I'm not sure, I haven't looked at this part for a long time, but you can setup an item (whatever the item is) as a button, and put the HTML code on your page/in your app.

    It should send to a paypal page and once the payment is done, you maybe can set some redirection page.

    You can do about the same with service like

    as answer for the question "how to monetize a game" you asked in another thread.

    Micro payment is the key. Build your community around your game on your website and manage an item shop. That's your best bet and take full advantage of the online nature of HTML5.

  • 1) Been searching this for a while now. My concern is the same as with the C2 code, since from my understanding it is client side, therefore even tough it is obfuscated it can be decoded and copied. So I'm worried someone can mess with the code and skip payment. I don't know web developing languages neither client or server side <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />   However, if there is an in app payment for HTML5 that is secure and can be added to the C2 that would be great, ** as I need money de facto **

    2) So I'm looking for ways for C2 to communicate and interact with the server, in which variables or others stay on the server side hidden from the users, but as Ashley pointed out that means server script programming.

    3) The next thing is to wait for the standarization or "upgrade" for sounds or audio for mobile devices either when accessing the game via web page or by creating a "native" app via phonegap, none have worked so far for playing sounds on my android phone or an Ipad.

    4) I wish I could be as good for programming as the guys from the Scirra team, therefore my commitment this year is to not only learn to use C2, but also to start learning a web language. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • The Paypal issue happened to the developers of Project Zomboid, who had a donate button to help fund their development. Well apparently Paypal put a hold on their money they earned because someone complained.

    I don't really think it had anything to do with the fact that they were not a legal Charitable entity, but more to do with Paypal getting zealous over customer rights as opposed to publisher rights.

    You might be able to get all the details on their site, I am too lazy to reference them.

  • I guess you can't very well demand your money back since a donation is not a product or service.

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