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  • Hi,

    Continuing on from the Facebook integration ( I have now attempted to integrate PayPal into a game and I would like someone to test it out and possibly find any errors I have overlooked. Don't worry, it won't cost you anything as it is in sandbox mode and I wall give you ?1500 to play with, please feel free to have as many goes as you like.

    What the program should now do and not do is as follows:

       NOT DO

       Allow users to play the game unless they are both members and logged in

       Only allow logged in members that have paid via PayPal to play the Game

       Not allow players to hit refresh, F5 or back back-page in browser

       WILL DO

       Take a fee off members and redirect them to the game

       If either not a member, not logged in or not paid get redirected    away from game

       If a user tried to hit F5, refresh or back-page they get Kicked off the game and their score isn't counted - helps to prevent cheating

    It is easy to follow, just login with Facebook, hit the Pay & Play button, get sent to PayPal sandbox, put in the details below and get redirected to the game. Please feel free to try and break the system and let me know what is needed, and don't forget to pass this on to anyone you think may be interested.

    PayPal Details

    password: scirratest

    balance: ?1500

    Thanks Damien

  • I couldn't log in on PayPal using the login you provided. Says it doesn't match any records.

  • I haven't tried it yet myself, but going off what andreyin wrote, it's worth noting that you need a specific sandbox account to use PayPal's sandbox mode.

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  • Thanks for having a go. I have tried logging in using the email and password above and it works fine. Let me know if you are still having problems.

  • Where is the login? Facebook only ? No thanks.

  • Where is the login? Facebook only ? No thanks.

    The Facebook login is for something I am working on and is shown here as a demonstration of how the Graph API call is used to integrate with Construct2. Had you logged in you would have noticed that your FB credentials are passed to the game and stored together with your score to be shown on a Leaderboard ( The system can work just as well with other Social Auth providers or even your own secure login system.

    What I am showing here is a proof of concept only, which after having read both of my posts again I thought would have been fairly obvious, but may be not. There is also a demonstration of how to integrate your games with PayPal and a method to stop users from refreshing the game thus reducing the chance of cheating.

    The reasons I put this up here are 1)to get some users to both test and and try to break the system 2)to judge if there is any interest in this kind off system 3)to see if it was worth while writing a tutorial.

    However, after being up for several weeks and only having one person test it and two negative feedback comments from people that appear not to have even looked over what I am doing, I see that there will be no need to write a lengthy tutorial and post the code.

    Thanks to those that have had a look.



  • Unfortunately the account details you provided don't work, when using my own it worked fine, accessing the payment screen:

  • I dont use Facebook hence the inability to Login . That was the only point i was making. I am actually interested in the possibilty to add some sort of paid for access to my games.

    I had missed the initial link regarding Facebook integration so the fault is mine <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Dont you think someone could take advantage from giving such public access to your paypal account?

    Just asking...

  • Mr E Bear,

    Sorry, my bad, I forgot to add the PayPal sandbox credentials, use the details below to first log into sandbox (



       password: 123password456

    Then use the following credentials if you want to test the game:



       password: scirra123


    No worries, as always it is easy to misinterpret the written word, especially forum message boards or emails. My apologies for getting a little p**sy. The system I am working can be broken down so that the PayPal integration could be used on its owns or with an existing login system.


    This is a sandbox account and therefor not my own account. The email to login is one of my emails but not the one I use for my PayPal transactions nor are any of the passwords the same as I use anywhere else.

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