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  • I need someone to create my 2-player online card game with a server/client using Construct 2. I will provide all of the graphics and card game rules.

    I want to pay you for each feature of the game you complete:

    1. Card game 1 player vs. CPU with AI

    2. GUI Menu with Options for settings

    3. Online lobby system with user hosted games list for matching players.

    4.   2-player server/client sending and receiving system for multiplayer matches online -- player hosted.

    5. Save menu, to track user wins, losses, and unlocked features, saved on phone. Linked to lobby system for online matching of players.

    6. In-app purchases that link to Google market for in game upgrades and card expansions.

    After all these features are finished, I can pay you by the hour to fix bugs and do updates.

    So how much $ will you charge to program each feature 1-6? And how much do you charge by the hour, after the game is complete?

    This is a large project, do you have the time for it? I would like to have it finished and in beta testing by September 2012... is that enough time for you?

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  • I'm not so sure Construct 2 is the best engine to create intensive multiplayer games/lobbies/etc. . . yet. Still, I'm sure it's possible, just way beyond the scope what the majority of people are doing with C2 at the moment. Construct Classic had more robust online features with a few additional plugins, I believe.

  • Just speculating, but I'd say, going from the number of hours required it would be close to the $6000 range if not more.

    Most of the things you're wanting a fairly complicated, and you have to consider the complexity of the game itself, which can be an undertaking on it's own.

    Plus it will require a dedicated host, with access to data storage, mysql, php, etc.

  • Thanks for the quick response! I was hoping for player hosted games, using PHP to match up players in the lobby. In other words, there would be no reason to have an external server, 1 player would be the server, one player would be the client.

    This IS a huge project! The reason I would want to use the Construct Engine is so I could have an easier time changing things and making updates. Also for cross-platform development. There would no dragging or 3d card effects, just click here and there menus.

  • Construct 2 doesn't have built in support for some of those features, so you should expect anyone who quotes you to be including the cost of specialist javascript work to extend Construct 2.

  • Hello,

    I had a previous post about needing a Construct 2 person to make my card game.

    After re-considering what is possible, I created this post to ask again.

    What is possible when making an 2-player online duel card game? Well I feel that a basic engine can be done. Basically, the whole game could be played using the "honor system", following the card game's rules, instead of the code reacting to you.

    The artwork and design is finished. What I need is:

    1 player hosts a game, the other player enters the host's IP address to connect, creating a server and a client. There is no "lobby", you must know the host's IP to connect.

    Players have turns with time limits.

    The interface is simply click a card, choose a menu option (attack/defend etc)

    Your choice is sent to the other player, they can react.

    The cards do not actually have AI or an adding/subtracting system; players must actually choose to discard a damaged card, in other words, you are playing as you would with a real deck of cards, following rules.

    There would need to be chat so player could communicate about what happens when.

    What I need programmed is essentially a move-card-here, turn card sideways, then update the turn so the other player can see what you have done on your turn. All the engine would be, is a 2-player move stuff-around online game... and as such, you could play any card game imaginable! All you would need to do is load the game's images and follow the rules of the game!

    Thanks! -Andrew

  • I moved your new post to your previous topic.

    Basicly, direct multiplayer options are not yet available in JS. Websockets exists, but aren't really supported by browsers yet, and anyway, they wouldn't allow for a client to be server too.

    Else the same answers as before pretty much apply.

    You would have quicker done to make the game single player, and learn how to make it yourself for now.

    When websockets would become available, you would already have your base engine, and requesting/paying for help at that moment would be easier/more efficient.

  • Using socket.io you can basically target every browser ever made with a perfect WebSocket equivalent, it degrades gracefully.

  • Zack0Wack0: Oh nice. Will have to interface this library in a plugin sometime.

    Glad to see it allows for server too, it's pretty cool.

  • I already did in my socket plugin. I don't know if it still works though, it was a while ago so the plugin system might have changed.

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