Pathfinding makes turns through obstacles?

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  • Greetings! The pathfinding tutorial does not seem to be very expansive, so here are a few questions.

    1. Pathfinding does not seem to be very accurate (very seldom getting exact X and Y on arrival, aka destinationX != pathfinding_bodyX upon arrival.) How to I make it more exact?

    2. Pathfinding seems to find pathes alright, yet if there is a need to make a 180 sharp turn, it starts making long turns through the obstacles instead of rotating 180 in place and then beginning to move (this can be fixed by making rotation speed == 1000, yet I'd like the rotation speed to stay 16,as I have set it). How do I stop it from doing so?

    Please help, much appreciated.

    [Cellsize 32, Cellborder 50]

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