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  • I recently started porting an old project of mine (adventure point and click made with wintermute at the time) to construct 2.

    My character is made with spriter and i am using the pathfinding behavior to move it around obstacles (cell size 40, border -1).

    I got 2 strange bugs:

    1. When the character switches direction (mirror) there is about 2-3 seconds delay before the path is calculated, if i continue walking in the same direction, no matter how many obstacles or distance i walk, the calculation is almost instantly.

    I tried increasing the cell block size, or cutting down the sprites obstacles to min 4 instances, but nothing helps.

    2. Sometimes when i switch direction while the character is still moving in the other direction, the character does a strange semicircle shaped sine movement.

    Anybody encountered these problems?

    here is the demo: ... d6VllESzQ/

  • Which version of construct 2 are you using

  • Latest stable 163, but i checked there were no updates regarding pathfinding in 164/165.

  • I think you're meant to report this as a bug, with an example cpx.

  • I will, as last resort, i wanted to see if anyone has encountered these bugs or already reported them before i do.

  • Seems that the pathfinding object is just turning. Try increasing the turning rate.

  • Great! thanks, it helped!

    I thought that this param only applies when Rotate Object is set to YES, it didn't even cross my mind to check it!

    Thanks again.

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  • Seems that the pathfinding object is just turning. Try increasing the turning rate.

    Hey, that actually helped me with my game too! I got so carried away with other things that I kinda glanced over rotation speed since I'm just using the box as a pathfinding device that the characters are pinned to. But now they can turn around the other direction faster. Cool stuff.

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