Paste text function, exist?

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  • Is ther a way to paste clipboard into a textbox without windows shortcuts (ctrl+v)?

    like this:

  • where script zombie?

  • Construct2 doesn't seems to have a code for that. The code in the image is from Multimedia Fusion that indeed can do the thing that I want.

  • Please use the manual. A simple search with query "clipboard" would have sent you to a node-webkit page manual which states:


    The current text that the user has copied to the clipboard, if any. This allows you to 'paste' the data automatically.

    Although this will help you only if your game is meant to run on node-webkit. If you're targeting browsers, there is no viable solution supported across browsers, except IE's

    I've managed to come across this data with two searches, one on manual, one on google, and i've spent 8 minutes of my time on this post in hope that someone will learn to use the resources given to him. 
    Please use the search function on the manual, forums  and google before asking questions.
  • Maybe I did not make myself clear. I need to insert a text from clipboard (or a text of any type) at cursor place pressing a button or some other stuff, not ctrl+v. Something like this:

    The problem with set text: "NodeWebkit.ClipboardText" is that it clear all existing text in the box. Theres no function to paste at cursor place or insert the text you want in a given position inside a string.

    I searched it more than eight minutes, but I assume that what I need is a too specific feature.

  • Added to the input plugin. Could insert text at index and compare cursor position (if supported)

  • input plugin? Where? Be more specific please.

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  • Is just what I wanted. Thanks masters!! This really saves me.

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