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  • After being away for about 1 week and returning, I have suddenly discovered that particles are no longer colliding with anything on my Construct 2 projects after updating to r158.2. I don't know if it's because of the collision cell thing, but the truth is that my whole game depended on sprites colliding with particles, and suddenly nothing works.

    Of course I could just go back to a previous Construct 2 build, but it's not really practical at all, so... does anyone know if this change in particle behaviour is an intended change, an unconvenient new feature, or just a bug?

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  • If it's not in the changelog, it's not an intentional change. Particles never supported per-particle collision testing though.

  • I've been testing a little, and it seems that when you are creating an event for a particle, you can't select either collision nor overlapping, but when you create an event for a sprite, you can pick the particle as the object to test collisions or overlapping to.

    Is there any chance particles will go back to how they worked before this update, or will it be like this from now on?

    EDIT: Here's a little capx with a particle collision and overlapping test. If you open this in r152, the big numbered squares change react to collisions to particles, but if you open it in r158.2, they won't.

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