OwnGap? Possible alternative for deploying to Android?

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  • I've been having some irritating frame stutter issues in my game using CocoonJS even though it shows me 58-60 FPS, which leads me to believe that garbage collection is the culprit, though I could be wrong. Regardless, my research led me to someone's open-source project called OwnGap, which though minimal, currently has touch input implemented. I have not yet tested this, but it seems like an impressive project that I figured was worthwhile mentioning to the Construct community, especially at this critical time when CocoonJS has been officially deprecated.

    And here's my unrealistic dream which I'll include here for fun: if this is actually a viable export option, perhaps Ashley could get in touch with this programmer from the heavens and give us that long-awaited alternative for Android export that doesn't suck. Yes, wishful thinking on my part, but hope is what keeps us going sometimes

  • It looks like another non-browser wrapper (just a Javascript engine with a cherry picked selection of browser features bolted on). In our experience these are a compatibility nightmare. I really would strongly encourage you to stick to real browser engines (Crosswalk, PhoneGap, etc.)

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  • Hi!

    I'm the creator of OwnGap - and I'm afraid that Ashley is right.

    I would love to support Construct 2 with my project, but the features within OwnGap are limited at the moment (e.g. no WebGL support, only some selected features of the canvas). I've tried some examples of Construct 2 with OwnGap and they keep crashing after the images have been loaded and the resolution is set - I have currently no debug version and can't see exactly what's crashing there, but (I can't keep stressing that enough ) - like Ashley said: It will be a very very long way until Construct 2 can be used with OwnGap, and my resources are limited at the moment.

    Some other game engines work out of the box, so there's a small chance that there's only a tiny error which causes this...

    I will probably create a commercial version sooner or later, and when that's happening I can take a deeper look into the compatibility with Construct 2.

    Dalal I can send you an email when the commercial version will be ready. Just send me an email to development[at]walawala.org and I will see what I can do.

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