own server compatible with multiplayer client object?

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  • There are some pretty nice features in the mutliplayer client object, but our mutliplayer game requires its own server with server side logic. The question is, is there any server side api or protocol description we could use to construct our own dedicated server? We don't really mind the language, it could be java, javascript, c++, anything really, but ideally would run on unix. Think bingo server which sends out balls as the server calls them.


  • The easiest solution is to also make the server in C2, and run it on the server in a browser tab.

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  • Thanks Ashley. Not a bad idea for a quick prototype of the server, but the real version would need to handle authentication, persistence to DB, transaction & payment system integration, load balancing etc. If you ever decide to make server side api or protocol definition, let me know! The solution for this kind of thing I think is just to use your existing socket api, but then we lose out on the sexy features like lag handling. its not for a run around and shoot type game, its for a bingo type game, but the key is that the balls appear at the same time for all clients etc. which is always tricky.

  • Maybe you want to use WebSockets instead? Or is the real-time part important?

    The multiplayer engine uses WebRTC which doesn't have much support on the server side AFAIK. You could also still do auth/DB/payment in a C2-based game, providing you websocket/ajax to another server component. So the browser tab would act as a sort of bridge.

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