Your own Arcade? - Do you want to know how?

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  • Your own Arcade? - Do you want to know how?

    Despite being away from, loosing my momentum and fighting with my computer hardware. I've recently returned. Not so much in triumph, but more in a general sense I suppose. Like leaves in autumn.

    Unfortunately my lack of poetic talent fails to convey my message. So I will ask plainly, would anybody be interested in knowing how to set up their own online arcade?

    An example of my arcade can be found here: (

    I've noticed others mentioning setting up their own online arcade. And the method and software I've used made the whole process very simply. So I thought I would perhaps share my experience or maybe produce a tutorial to allows others to follow.

    There are many reasons to start your own online arcade, whether as a hobby, financial or traffic. As for myself, it was it increase my SEO footprint, and direct more traffic to other products I'll later advertise on the site. Rather than for it to be the 'new-Kongregate', due to the competition of such ventures.

    If you're interested, let me know. Since I'm hoping to write an article about such a thing.

    Thank you for your time,


    <font size="2">Owner of English Acorn (</font>

  • Looks great! Good work :)

    Don't forget all our arcade games are available as XML for arcades like this:

  • Cheers Tom,

    You've also inadvertently answered a question I was going to ask, concerning permission to include the Scirra Arcade games. Since the arcade software I use has been pre-configured to fetch the games.

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  • This looks interesting. I'm interested in using the embed feature of the arcade, but the advert that appears before is putting me off. I know I can negotiate payment for this to be taken off, but would rather look for a free solution first. Does your method allow embedding?

  • AnD4D, thank you for your reply.

    The method I used, uses paid third party software based on the WordPress 3.0 CMS. It's nothing spectacular, however I found it very simple (easy of use) and practical. See MyArcadePluginPro

    I'm willing to share my experience with using it, or explain what I have found to be it's advantages and limitations so far.

    As for embedding games from the Scirra Arcade, it (the software) already comes pre-configured to do so. And only requires a simple click on fetch and publish.

    Concerning the advert you mention. I'm assuming its the C2 one, such as with this game: And not the other advertisements on my site.

    Unfortunately, there isn't an easy way to remove that advert. Unlike flash games, when you embed the HTML5 games, you're not hosting the actual game content. Instead providing a portal to that content hosted elsewhere. Since webhosting costs money, I see the C2 advert as a way of compensating Scirra for the use of their bandwidth & webspace etc...

    The only way to remove the advert without negotiating with Scirra would be to approach the game developer and ask permission to use [and host] their game instead. Which they may or may not want financial compensation for, since you are increasing the exposure to their game.

    I'm sure the Scirra Team will be happy to negotiate other alternatives, maybe placing a static C2 web advert above, beside or below the game instead.. etc...

    Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

    Kind regards,


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