My Ouya has just shipped

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  • Is any of one our fine plugin makers getting an Ouya dev kit? Last I heard cacoonjs is not going to be integrating OUYA controller details.

  • Let's hope AppMobi or the other Android wrappers receive the kit so they can play around with the exporting !

  • I don't think the controller integration will be to hard. It might be as simple as each button corresponds to a key on the keyboard. I really don't know.

  • I'm a little bummed at the gamepad, it doesn't seem to have a start or select button.

  • Well, what's the effective use of the "select" button nowadays ?

    Start can be a little more problematic though.

    Also, is it possible to plug like a xbox360 pad to the Ouya ?

  • I'm a little bummed at the gamepad, it doesn't seem to have a start or select button.There was talk of a touch-screen on the middle of the controller during the kickstarter (notice that circular pad?) but I haven't found any info on it since. Maybe that will contain customizable commands including start & select?

  • If you watch the unboxing video they have up. You can see a rectangle shape in the middle of the controller. This looks like it is the touch pad. There was never talk of a touch screen outside of a want by the fans. THey have always said touch PAD.

  • I should have my Ouya Today according to the DHL tracking number. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

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  • the ouya controller has a touch pad

  • bjadams

    Is that a question? It has not arrived yet.

  • its not a question, its an affirmation. other devs have already got their kits

  • Well it came and there is not much to do with it yet but to just set it up. The controller does have a touch pad which makes the mouse cursor show on the screen.

    What i did do is test my multiplayer ajax game on it with the bultin browser and it worked great. I will try to post a video of the game with the fps showing.

    So far i like it.

  • I got my ouya devkit 2 days ago and am working on creating a plugin for phonegap to get construct2 working properly with the ouya controllers and purchasing.

    Out of the box the default browser on the OUYA has webgl disabled and only the dpad works for controls (emulates left, up, right, down)

  • mattcoles

    Let me know if you need any testing done with your phonegap plugin. I just signed up for the phonegap service and I made my latest game a android apk.

  • Iv'e got my Ouya right here, but I can't use the AC adapter that came with it so I'm going to have to wait for a while to get it started.

    I've been working on a Platform game along with some other people that we hope to have ready for the Ouya Launch in April. Looking forward to see what this little box can do. :)

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