My Ouya has just shipped

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  • Hemul1 I had the same problem too with the AC adaptor being only for North America

    I purchased a universal plug from my local supermarket and it is working perfectly :)

    blazah99 Will let you know when I get up to the testing stage with this

  • mattcoles

    Any luck with that phonegap controller plugin? I just don't want to re-invent the wheel if you already made one.

  • Yes I went out and found one the same day I posted that.^^ I was just worried I wouldn't be able to find one on the island I live on and would have to by one online. :)

    Thanks for the advice though. :)

  • mattcoles, so hos is the plugin going?

  • jayderyu

    I'm actually working on a plugin to for the Ouya Controller. I almost have something, its going take a couple more days.

  • sorry


    Any luck with that phonegap controller plugin? I just don't want to re-invent the wheel if you already made one."

    I had originally thought you were doing the plugin until I read your comment. However, glad to hear there is progress.

    I admit to the frustration at the phonegap, appmobi and ludie websites where there is no discussion about the Ouya or the upcoming gamestick too. There almost seems to be no interest. :(

    there is more discussion about these devices here in the C2 forums than on the forums that actually do the hardware support :(

  • jayderyu: have you started discussions on those subjects in the mentioned forums ?

  • So; are there any Construct 2 tests on the Ouya already? I might want to develop a game for the system, but I'd like to know the performance first.

  • Thijsku

    Well I can test Phonegap, if anybody has a capx I'll turn it into a APK and I will let you know the rsults.

    As for Cocoonjs, the same exported project that works for Phonegap didn't even allow the standard input on the Ouya. So As of now I have given up on Cocconjs.

  • I'm going to try to see if I can my game to run on the Ouya today. If it works I'll be back with a video. :)

  • rfisher

    I don't have a capx here. :(


    That would be great! =D

  • A simple animation with 4 bouncing objects not using physics was about 30FPS using Phonegap.

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  • Have you tried something more intense? I'm not sure if Phonegap's performance is good enough for 'real' games.

    Thanks for trying it out. ;)

  • Ok so I got the game working, somewhat.

    However I don't think the Ouya recognized it as a proper "GAME" since I could only run it from the software section. I exported the game using phonegap and I guess that in order to get the games to run decently we'll need to include the OUYA API through the wrapper somehow. Does anyone have any ideas of how we could do that?

  • Hemul1

    I'm currently working on this and once I get it working I'll release it. Unless somebody else does it first.

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