OUYA (CJS) exporting game test results

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  • I recently exported on of my games the the OUYA through CJS. I found the process easy and couldn't be happier, until I fired up the OUYA to test it out.

    There are some strange "stuttering" when the game starts up. Even simplifying it to a single object that moves across the screen still causes a stutter. (delta time used also)

    It appears that the object actually moves backwards one or to spaces before resuming a forward motion. This occurs once every 1.5 seconds for the first 20 seconds that the game is running. Then it evens out and runs fairly smoothly.

    Has anyone else noticed this, had similar problems, or had success in exporting through CJS to the OUYA? I'd love to hear how yours went.

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  • I haven't pushed it out to the Ouya yet. But I have no rendering problems. In fact I didn't even really test out my game much on mobile and even less on Ouya due to CJS having some troubles.

    However when CJS 1.4.5 came out which I felt was finally getting close. I ran it and graphically for as far as it get's. Is running a smooth FPS of 55 to 60 constantly.

    But I did hit a problem. I think I hit a Web Storage problem :\ but haven't found the problem. Though I haven't worked hard to fix it with the holiday season up on us.

  • Have you guys tried Ouya builds yet via crosswalk exports?

  • I'm currently doing Ouya exports via CocoonJS and the frame rate is fairly stable (updated to Construct 2 b155 from r139) and that's helped massivly. Bear in mind though, if you're going to actually publish to the OUYA store you need to decompile, make some additions and then recompile the APK file, things like the Ouya store icon and some permissions need to be manually added.

  • Could any of you try a test of OUYA with the new Crosswalk export ? Would like to see how it run.. unfortunally i don'T have a ouya yet. I don't want to get an OUYA if its not going to work :/ so if anyone could do this little test i would greatly appreciate!

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