OSX Node-Webkit Problems

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  • My OSX version work on my Mac just fine but as soon as I zip it and upload it to Dropbox or itch.io (a game sales site) then redownload it and unpack it, it won't launch. I experienced this same problem with another Construct 2 game The Way of Yiji, when I bought it from itch.io.

    I get this error when launching from the command line:

    LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed with error -10810[/code:185vgb76]
    I don't have this problem with Linux or Windows. Anyone else have this issue or have a solution?
    UPDATE: I discovered the culprit, Keka. It's a file archiver for Mac. Apparently it mangles .app files made with node-webkit. Why or how? Not a clue. I used a different archive tool and things work fine.
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