OSX & Linux with Node-webkit games

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  • Hi,

    I have just about completed my game. Designed for the PC desktop with node webkit. It has mouse & keyboard support complete with PC xbox controller too.

    Now as anyone who has output to node webkit knows you also get a OSX & Linux versions of your game too. Unfortunately i have neither of these available to test. Has anyone had issues with these versions of their games ? Does the Xbox controller work ?

    Any thoughts appreciated

  • Mac works fine and so does the xbox controller. Never got the Linux one to work on Ubuntu 13/latest, don't think anyone cares about that.

  • Do you mean the game wouldnt work on Linux or the controller ? Its not really a major issue i suppose but i dont want to offer the game for Linux if its not going to work ok.


  • Well i had expected a little more input. Maybe everyone is too busy creating for mobiles

  • OSX seems to work well, except for pretty old machines. I'm interested in Linux as well. I don't quite accept 'nobody cares about Linux gaming'. If that was true, Linux gaming wouldn't exist.

  • I would also be interested about this, but I don't have linux installed at the moment. And I don't have Xbox controller so that won't help much. So not very usefull input, but still

  • The nodewebkit export doesn't work on Ubuntu 13 is what I meant to say, no idea about the controller.

    sqiddster if that was in reference to me, I mean it in the sense that there's not much demand/care for getting C2 games to work on Linux among our community.

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  • The forthcoming Steam machines run some form of Linux i think so it might be useful if it does work.

  • Sorry to bump but I'd like to share too.

    I also never got the Node Webkit export to work on Ubuntu13, haven't tried any other distros though.

    I did get it to work on OSX but I remember having to use a command on the .app file before running it. I can't remember what it was and I've been searching around for it to no avail. Does it just work out of the box now?

  • same problem here. project exported, the linux executables don't work, even with all the needed permissions and marked as executable. Ubuntu 14.04

  • Seems like something else to cross off the list of exports then Ashley

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