Optional editor icon colors?

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  • Thanks Ashley for the feedback, The thing is, I have many tabs opened and remembering colors for them would require extra effort, I don't think anybody looks for tabs by the color. Then I happen to close one (accidentally or because I don't need it for a long time), and it changes color - but as I said, I'm not bothered about it changing color because I don't look at colors anyway. I just think so many colors don't look good <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Regarding Potato's suggestion, #1 yes would be nice, #2 and #3 I'm not sure, I think I prefer to have the same color for all projects, as long as event sheets and layouts have different color tabs (or some icon).

    Another small suggestion while I'm at it, I think it would be nice to have "numbers" or something assigned to open windows / tabs, and to be able to switch to them using hotkeys, e.g. Alt+1 would switch to first tab, Alt+2 to the second etc. And the fact that we can reorder them, as we can today, would make this useful even if we accidentally close tabs.

  • ... IMO the new icons are a huge improvement over the old ones ...

    IMHO too.

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  • Potato, you can see the full path by hovering the mouse over a tab. I think that's better than clogging up the title bar with possibly long file paths...

  • I have to agree with Potato and Geo's suggestions.

    I like the idea of a set of colors per project, with a difference between layouts/event sheets so in a blink you make the difference.

    I also understand what tokinsom was saying at first and what animmaniac noted too: there's some lack of contrast between the enabled and disabled black ribbons/menu icons.

    I used, in a blink, to know if a project needed to be saved or not before.

    Now, it's less readable in an instant, it needs "identification".

    But as animmaniac notified it, I'm confident he will fix the issue in the next releases, thanks in advance for that.

    I use semi transparent window borders thanks to aero, and the black icons don't contrast that much over the blurry background, maybe tokinsom is "suffering" from that too.

    I also get the impression that "black is a bit sad" or I don't know how to word it exactly.

    As tokin mentioned, the UI used to be "shiny colors", the passage to black gradient makes it more "sanitized".

    Don't get me wrong, it's not a big deal to me (apart from the save icon issue I mentionned earlier) but it's the feeling I'm getting from the new UI. I'm not telling it's bad work, it's different.

    I still need to get used to the new objects/behaviors icons too (to spot them as Intrepid said in his post, I was quite used to the former representations).

    Also a lot of plugin makers will have to redo their icons, to match the new color/symbol code.

    As of now, built-in and custom are visualy struggling in the dialogs ^^

  • I thought the multicolor tabs was a nice touch, because if for example you want to select the "LevelWonE" tab you can just look for the yellow one, rather than having to read a bunch of grey tabs. On the other hand, perhaps it would be clearer to have just two colors, one for layouts and another for event sheets?

    I like the multi-coloured tabs and find it makes it easier and faster to find what I'm looking for. Only having two colours would cause more "where was this again ..." scanning of the bar of the tabs. Perhaps this could be an option, so people can pick the approach they like better?

  • Distinguishing open layouts from event sheets always pauses workflow for a second. Two color solution or normal vs italic fonts would help a bit.

    Let a user choose colors would be ideal.

    Before new icons, separating built in plugins and behaviors from custom lacked clearance. I still think it should be separated by notices in description, by icon background or by different icon placing.

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