Optimising - Too many objects?

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  • I've read through the performance tips and other posts on optimising, but I'm not sure about 1 thing.

    My game is running fine at 60fps, but it's jerky on Firefox (I hear this may be a FF issue rather than my game) and runs below 40fps on an older PC (with no graphics card, so perhaps this isn't a surprise). However, I decided to do some optimising and I have one question.

    My game had 1100 objects (I reduced this to 700), but now I need to add more. Most of these are text objects on seperate screens to the arcade screen (the only one which NEEDS to be running at 60fps, the others are static so fps isn't important).

    If I add extra objects which are off-screen and not even referenced by any events from the arcade screen, will they have any performance impact on the arcade screen? Is there any internal process in C2 which does checks or anything on objects which are basically inactive?

    I should point out that there's no way my game will run on mobiles, so the issue of memory probably isn't important.

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  • Off-screen objects that are not referenced by events will have negligable performance impact. If you want to check yourself, try removing them and seeing if you can measure a difference in the framerate.

  • I did remove 400 text objects and saw no change, so I thought as much. Thanks Ashley.

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