Your Opinion Pls: Option4dev2load snds+music w/ inital dwnld

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  • I am trying to make several language learning games,

    thus having the sound and music files firing instantly is extremely important to the user experience,


    I am wondering if Ashley ( Ashley ) would you please consider creating an option for the developer

    to click a button to load / preload sounds and music in the initial download.

    I know that this will add to the download time, but please let us ( the game developer) make the decision to add the time instead of it being made for us.

    Just a thought,

    and thanks for reading.

    oh, and Ashley if you are reading this.

    Music files (music only)

    on iOS devices do not respond to volume controls BTW.

    I have tested on 2 iOS devices with Safari and Chrome BTW and Music plays at normal 0db no matter the volume setting I put in the event sheet. oh, (still iOS) and Mute doesn't seem to work on music either

    but all silent does work.

    just a FYI. ( there are a few posts about this music iOS issue )

  • bump/ anything?

    would anybody else like to see this option added?

  • Yes. I think there should be an option to download music and sound files first. I can actually spot Construct 2 created projects really easily, and it's because they don't have music playing until after 30sec. The music buffering really doesn't work.

  • Yes, should be a option... I have buffering issues whit IOS devices also... I tried to preload and preload but don't work fine for me...

  • I'll throw in my +1 to this. Other rather, have two options: an overall setting, and an individual setting for (for example) having your main menu music and/or level 1 music load instantly.

    Having the choice would certainly be useful.

  • seems to me that it should be a rather easy thing to add ? no ?? Ashley ??

  • yeah, option to download sound at preloading would really great!

    I really hope you guys gonna implement this

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  • Ashley

    would you kindly respond please.

  • I hope this get implemented.

  • love the idea +1 for that

  • I think it's nice idea. +1 from me too.

  • Yes, excellent idea! Anything to improve the user experience is a plus, and

    having sound delays cheapens the quality of the game experience.

  • It's already in.

    You have the audio.preload action that you can throw at the start of layout of your program.

    Make sure to not give the hand back to the user before everything is loaded (i.e. custom loading layout be sure to check the comments there is EXACTLY the solution you need) and you're good to go.

  • Kyatric

    Thanks for that. That will solve my sound issues.

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