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  • Hi All

    I read this article Would love to here from some of you guys. I was wondering on what this person had to say about performance. Is this really an issue or do you think CS has improved since then? I'm interested to get some feedback on Android specifically. Anybody tired there game on an Android Tab or phone? How did it work for you?

    Thank you.

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0mQ2f ... mKvvALRRiw

    Both of these big complex games run absolutely brilliant on mobiles, even older phones. Theres no issue performance wise in general, but things like WebGL shaders are to be avoided on mobiles.

  • My good habits are to use small sprites, No large transparencies, keep the sprite count on screen low, don't Set Dictionary or TextBoxes on every tick, avoid webgl effects effects and I get close to 60 FPS on my galaxy S4, and 50 FPS when using new multiplayer module (working).... testing, testing testing.... requires lots of testing and refinement but it is absolutely possible... the people that have issues are ones that build the game entirely tested on PC and then port to mobile and see a major performance loss. Tablets and PC's are much more forgiving but mobile requires lots of hard work to keep the frame rate up.

  • troublesum sums it up pretty much on nail. Test on your minimum target device. If you want give settings to turn on or of features if you want. I will however addendum. DON"T USE DOM OBJECTS. DOM objects are not part of the canvas drawing routines and so it's another render layer on top and that renderer is not meant to be fast. It's meant to display complicated drawable objects for webpages.

    Though I would like to know your reasoning for not using Dictionary. Dictionary is a pure memory data storage. Are you thinking of WebStorage that does file writing?

  • jayderyu - I use dictionary's everywhere.. thats how i found this...what i I found is that setting dictionary values actually slows down the FPS after a while, if I do about 8-10 or more add/sets per tick it becomes more noticeable on mobile devices (normal PC's and tablets can handle it no problem). But on mobile I start to loose a couple FPS and gets worse the more I add.

  • troublesum

    How many fields were there. hundres/thousands? Dictionary as I understand has a square powered performance. so at each double increment of key value store it get's a little slower. Though small groups should be fine. So this is about more. What kind of more. It is a good point though. Might be mindful to monitor how much is in a Dictionary if it's needed every tick. Do you have some number samples?

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  • Thank you all for the feedback. Appreciated.

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