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  • Hello,

    I'd like to create a top-down game based upon a map of my modest home town, and I'm curious as to the feasibility and/or wisdom of importing (via plugin) or building layouts within Construct2 from the data and imagery OpenStreetMap, JOSM, TileMill et al. can provide.

    OpenStreetMap (OSM) is simply that. Open. Editable. (I'd post urls but don't have rep :/ )

    JOSM is an offline OSM editor which allows extended customization and export of OSMs (.osm or .xml)

    TileMill and Maperative allow maps to be rendered as tile images (and packaged in an SQLite db as .mbtiles.

    In a perfect world, I would like to customize, add attributes and create the image library of my town using the tools above, then have Construct2 create layouts from it- background layers from image tiles, building collisions as separate (transparent) objects constructed from node data (each possibly assigned attributes created in JOSM).

    Is that dumb?

    I realize that:

    1) such ease of integration would be a complex undertaking by person(s) more skilled than I.

    2) The practicality may be greatly limited by performance/other constraints.

    For example, while my town ~4 km square can be fit in a ~5 MB database (at 1 zoom level of 18), the number of 256x256 tiles is in the thousands. That number can be reduced by decreasing boundary scope and/or zoom level and/or increasing tile size (png-8 available), but that impacts design...

    I'm sure others have wondered but searching for terms didn't reveal any posts. I think there are a number of games people could make from osm data, were it feasible to implement. To be clear, I'm talking about using it to build a project, not accessing Runtime from MapBox or similar server- although I'm curious about that as well.

    Anyway, before I continue trying to construct a hokey approximation by hand using Construct's "tiled background" objects, I thought I'd pose the thought.

    Even if layers are built by hand from the tile image library, are the cons too great to bother?

    Thanks for reading! (first post, recently bought)

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