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  • Hi and Great Tool you made :)

    How can I open .cap Files in Windows 7 x64? They are not linked in the Windows Explorer, and when I try to open it with Release 47.2 (64 Bit) an Error occurs:

    "Error Document Empty. The File may be invalid. Try checking the File in a Texteditor. ..."

    The File has content in an Editor.

    And why do I see quotes or links for example this way on the Forum

    ? This is on every post where those Elements are used, and make the text unreadable for me.

    Thanks for your Help <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Sorry, Construct 2 doesn't support .cap files from Construct Classic. Construct 2 uses .capx and .caproj files. C2 was rewritten from scratch with totally different technologies. There's no easy way to import files.

    Those "link quotes" are glitches from when we changed the forum database recently. Hopefully they'll be cleaned up soon!

  • This helps a lot :)

    But where can I find more tutorials for Construct 2 here, but the beginner tut on the main page?

    I am searching for a good one about a simple Jump'n'Run game, and stuck at the jump from solid platforms. The player tries to jump, but whatever I set the "Jump strength" value at, the player sprite does not really jump. It seems it tries to raise in vertical like on the 8-way cursor. Any suggestions? Do I need to handle the jumps by events?

  • It's the shift key, not up arrow :)


  • Sorry, we don't have many tutorials yet apart from the beginner's tutorial on the site as you say. If you get stuck, do ask, though.

  • I'll do. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    How to change the Shift Key (Jump) to Arrow Up?

    At the Keyboard Object are currently no direct Key settings available. As an event I can't choose an action for Keyboard.

  • We haven't got a way to change controls yet - it's on the todo list.

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  • So agree with you, why does construct2 cant open .cap ?? There 200% more example with past version of construct, its like starting over when we use construct2

  • : C2's FAQ

    an I import 0.x .cap files to Construct 2?

    Unfortunately not. Construct 2 was rewritten from scratch using totally different technologies. It would be very difficult to import Construct Classic's files, and meanwhile we're a small team that's very busy with developing Construct 2 itself. Sorry!

    Also if you can find enough examples in :

    * The tutorials part

    * The how do I FAQ

    * The arcade example games (often with included capx) section

    CC has more examples ? Sure, it's been around for 6+ years.

    With the 3 links I gave you, in the ~one year lifespan of C2, it makes quite a lot of examples already. And it covers most of what you might need in C2.

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