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  • How do I use the built in browser object to open a URL in a new tab or in a new browser window?


  • you actually can't with the way it is implemented.

    You would have to add a function to the plugin.

    And the runtime would go along :

    acts.GoToNewURL = function (url,tab)

    Where url (destination url) and tab (name of the new tab/window) are both strings.

    The new tab/window depends on how the user set its browser, if it is to open tabs or windows.

    Nothing you can do about this one.

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  • Something like this could be extremely useful considering how much Adobe Flash has been utilized for designing flash websites. Just thinking of the possibilities. C2 could essentially be used to design entire dynamic websites just as flash has been used to do so if one were so inclined...

  • This is an old thread - since it was posted the browser object has had an 'Open URL in new window' action added.

    Note: neither Flash nor Construct 2 are designed for making websites. Usability experts have always advised against using Flash to make websites, and the same pretty much applies to Construct 2 - it's a tool for making games, not websites.

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