An open letter to Ouya devs from the Community

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  • I've been thinking of firing off a few questions to the developers over at Ouya since my console is due to arrive in December.

    I had a thought that it might be efficient if we as a community simply bundled all of our questions that we have regarding the console and it's interaction with C2 and I could send it to the devs in one go.

    So if you have any questions just leave them here and I'll post them off to team Ouya in a couple of days and report back when I've got the answers.

    Thanks to Inkbot for suggesting this idea.

  • I think Ouya is just an Android system, which means it should work via CocoonJS.

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  • there will be an ouya specific api to handle their appstore, inapp purchases etc on top of standard android 4.1

    so as long as their api is accessible via the webbrowser, i guess there should be no big problem for c2 to eventually support this

  • I still think Ouya made a big mistake by not considering a way to more easily accommodate the popular indie dev platforms. I brought this up in another thread and someone shot the idea down, but they didn't realize that this has been done before with major commercial systems (and some underground systems), most especially in the 1980's, but I realize some people here might be too young to know about that...

    The games I see being made online with the different indie dev platforms are much better than the stuff I see on XBLIG, but it looks like Ouya is about to have a bunch of XBLIG quality games. I'm not saying that's bad, but by supporting more indie dev platforms, they would open themselves up to much better games. But this is all assuming the Ouya is ever released; I'm not saying it's vaporware, I'm just saying that I realize it's not a cakewalk to get a game console to market, even with over 8 million dollars from Kickstarter.

  • Hey MrMiller, to which indie dev platforms are you referring? :)

  • LOL! Well since you're here, perhaps it's a sign that at least one of them might be checked off the list? <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • OUYA It's nice to see you reaching out to the community!

    +1 to ouya ;)

  • I think we should contact to appMobi and Ludei to support API for OUYA

  • As an Ouya backer, I'd love if we could use C2 to easily deploy games over there too, otherwise I'll just be "stuck" with Unity... nothing wrong with that, but for 2D I much prefer developing with C2! <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • How about WebGL? Currently few mobile devices support it afaik.

    Since the Ouya is focused on gaming I'd hope that it supports WebGL.

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