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  • jayderyu Velojet - Hey guys, I made a little game where you make an action (like 'move here') then the game plays out by itself for a while before pausing and asking for another input.

    It is currently a single player game, but I designed it this way in case multiplayer did come along one day, to get some live-action happening without input lag being a problem (so say all players have 5 seconds to make a command then it plays out).

    So I'm wondering if what you guys are doing could work like that, where the server determines the times to make moves as opposed to each individual player's game, and whether there are any special considerations I should allow for? For instance, I now have a boolean that says whether it's a friendly or enemy unit, would I be able to easily assign that boolean to a player or should I use IDs or...? And how easy would it be to save results, like kills and exp gains, for each player? (Currently I only want 2 players)

    I'm not asking that you hurry along or do anything specifically to cater for my game, I'm just after some pointers on how I should be structuring things in case it does come about one day :)

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  • --EDIT--



    jayderyu can't walk AND aim in Chrome? and Firefox?

    was only player on but heart pickup didn't do anything

  • lemo

    I will release the plugin shortly. Let me go over it to put in documentation for the source code. Remove anything that's unused in the ACE at this time.


    hmm. I've been only using FF and Chrome for the majority of my playtesting. So this is a big problem.

    First. The game uses North American WASD, with some EU use for QZ. There is no arrow key movement since default movement isn't good for networking. Aiming is mouse only. If there is a problem past this let me know what's in the console log.

    Health is set to a max of 10. Picking up more won't increase health. So that's not a bug.


    Inherently you want some logic server to control timed turns. Photon and my plugin do not have any authentication server going. However, i'm sure with some creative thinking we can find a solution :) Let me give it some more thought :)

  • jayderyu - Great, thank you! :) Let me know when it comes about or if you need help testing or something.

  • jayderyu This is great! I didn't get to try it, but it seems you've kick started multiplayer in C2 by a lot with you weekend project. Can't wait to see what you can do following after that ;)

  • Rory

    Thanks, but I think that credit goes to Velotjet, his threads are popular and his instructions were translated to another language :D He has also been at it longer and more supportive :)


    If you want to PM or start another thread we can go over the matter. But my initial thought is that your going to have trust the clients.

    Start a gruop timer. Then offer a "Ready" button. When everyone hit's the "ready" button. Then start the game with various timer passes for each computer. This is going to require some constant verification messages. ie, P1 is ready, p2 is ready...

    Once all the clients are ready. Then start "Round count down" on each client. Once all clients have received a round count. Start the actual count.

    Once the round count is done. Send the turns out done or not. Let the turn play out. Send a "turn done", once all has received a turn done. then repeat and rinse.

    I have a question though. Is this a Squad game or each player controls 1 character?

    I can go into more details else where :)


    Also awarmenhoven and myself are talking about network gaming solution for C2. More specifically about the idea of C2 code running as logic server. Just keep an eye out in the "general game design" is where the idea will be presented and seeking input or interest.

  • Alright. Since I've been busy lately and unable to commit some code cleanup on the plugin. I will just throw it out there.

    Keep in mind that this a client plugin for Photon Server, not Photon Cloud.

    MP Shooter CAPX

    This CAPX was a throw together. There is no good coding practices. It grew from simple connection tests. Remember good design is done before doing the work :D

    Photon Client for Photon Server

    You will need to do port forwarding for internet access.

    I'm willing to do some minor bug fixes if you can provide a Unit test as to what exactly is causing an error.

  • Thanks, I want to try this some day when I get the time!

  • Is the server down?

  • yikes a post in this old thread :D

    The server has been down for a few months. There just wasn't enough active players at any one time.

    However in the mean time I re-launched the server. But keep in mind a few things.

    * There is very very little in the way latency handling.

    * Internet connections that have a high rate of drops will see lot's of chunking. I never programmed in anyway to offset this chunking. As an example of this situation.

    My friend who lives in the same city as me tested the game out. However he saw me constantly making small jumps. Where as a test player in Poland was playing smoothly. So if you see jumping players. test your Ip connection and see what the percentage drop rate is. My own is about 5% :

    * No one will probably be on. So i suggest just running two copies of the game and see how it runs on both browsers.

    * A game not in the browser will pause :( and build up a very large message list. Again there was no programming to cope for the change.

    With other options coming up I've held my hand on working on the plugin. Also BubbleServer was put on hold due to the busy schedule of the server programmer :(

  • Also "reload" the game rather than just join. Seems there is an old damage error still in teh game. must have forgot to remove the error :

  • occassionally I had some issues moving and shooting at the same time.

    was fun nonetheless :D

  • Thanks for bringing it back up. Nice work!

  • I was able to log in and move around...I am in Aizona USA... No one else was in room at the time.

    Nice start

  • Thanks. I didn't finish the plugin to handle rooms. I just wanted to test out Photon Client as viable TCP game client. Worked out well enough.

    In the end we are blocked from using C2 as the server back end. Though I'm checking to see if NodeWebkit can access the Photon .dll files. If so maybe we can create Photon Servers using C2. Who knows.

    Right now though options might be appearing anyways. Ashley is looking at WebRTC Peer 2 Peer C2 connections. Might be viable to start building a server up from scratch. But I get the feeling it's going to lack a lot built in latency that say Photon already handles. Who knows. I'm just speculating.

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