Online Multiplayer test. Please

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  • hhmmm. PlayerCount not working. will look at the problem again :P

  • some updates

    * Player Count still not working

    * Player naming added(lol, rotates with the player)

    * 1HP spawn every 30 seconds for each client

    * hopefully duplication is fixed

    * chrome users may need to do a big cache clear :(

    I think once I'm done figuring out the player room array data set. I will be done. If there is interest I will release the game's capx and plugin.

  • ok, last updates for the for seeable future

    * Player count, I think it is working now

    yep, not idea why Chrome won`t use the new C2Runtime.js :(

    will answer questions :)

  • PhotonPeer[_onConnectFailed] - Socket connection could not be created: ws:// Wrong host or port?

    Raising "connectFailed event ...

    That's all i got this error from chrome console

  • thanks. I`ll look into that right now... I removed the offline.appcache. helps chrome to download the current version.

    I checked out the code and plugin. But I can`t find what and where the error that cropped up is. Since I`m on my local network. My game bounces out to use the WAN IP which is working.

    so maybe with the appcache removed. that will fix the problem with Chrome. Im surprised Chrome is giving me issues :(

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  • Looks great, nice work. All we need now is a set time for a forum showdown :)

  • This is great, jayderyu!! I'm really impressed - particularly by the smoothness of motion.

    I think I'll back out of this multiplayer plugin business and leave the field to you <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • This is great, jayderyu!! I'm really impressed - particularly by the smoothness of motion.

    I think I'll back out of this multiplayer plugin business and leave the field to you <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    While I appreciate the comment; very flattering. The "smooth" movement comes from motion state up dates over positional. I do brute force the position, but it's more about what direction the player is moving in when keys are pressed.

    I suggest yours is better than mine for some important reasons.

    * Support. I'm not sure photon is the best server software to go. Photon doesn't seem to allow cluster network coding that C2 developers need. The server side API is in C#. Photon can't route data by way of config, it only routes data to other C# photon servers.

    * After implementing the health spawning and trying to do a better Actor managment; I discovered something important. Advanced item and room management needs to be done with loadbalancing api.

    Lobby room lists, setting max players, room passwords, items already in a game match.... all need to go through the more advanced versions by the way of loadbalancing. as a sample

    var loadbalance = new LoadBalancing(masterServerAddress,.....)

    var roomInfoList = loadbalance.getRoomlist();

    this is the object

    roomInfo[]{ name, maxPlayers, password, isVisible, isOpen,... }

    * I got Draoust to work on. I really just wanted to get a few days away from Draoust. So I thought to throw together a simple network demo. I worked on the network code for a couple of weekends, and put the game together on Monday. I'm mostly done with it now :D except for a few niggle bits and browser issues. It seems to run pretty well for most. So now I should get back to Draoust before I lose momentum :)

    * Photoncloud... nope. mine doesn't work with Photon Cloud. I'm not even sure how to use PhotonCloud :D. I think most C2 developers would prefer to use the Photon Cloud over running there own Photon Server. I did this in hopes to cluster network POC. But when I found that rooms were isolated and can't send message to other rooms. My plan was smushed. Also I would require to use C# and Visual studio express :D... I'll pass.

    I suggest you keep up at your own work or maybe the 3 of us can team up? I can't afford my full time on networking, but I can do part time :)

    maybe you(@velotjet), awarmenhoven and I should put our heads together and come up with some kind of robust MP system for C2?

  • maybe you(@velotjet), awarmenhoven and I should put our heads together and come up with some kind of robust MP system for C2?

    I think this is a brilliant idea! After all three great minds working together are better than one. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> That and you all have a deep passion for game development, and helping others from what I have seen.

    I for one would donate or pay for a user friendly Online Multiplayer product and/or service that worked with Construct 2. Maybe you guys could put together a nice prototype, and try a crowd funding campaign to get the money needed to get your new company off the ground.

    It's something to think about. There is still a huge market for new innovative game creation tools.

  • jayderyu

    Thanks very much for your comments - all very helpful and forward-looking!

    * Photon server: after some initial work with Photon Server, I abandoned it in favour of Photon Cloud, mainly because of one of the factors that you identify: "The server side API is in C#". I thought it would just impose another limitation on C2 developers if they had to do server-side coding in another language. That's why my MultiPlayer behavior uses a NodeJS backend.

    * Photon Cloud: the big downside here is that it doesn't allow authoritative server management, so although it takes away the burden of server-side coding, it means that C2 developers have to build game logic into the client - with all the gotchas that entails.


    Thanks for your positive comments! While I agree that three minds working together can be better than one, I think that in this case, our approaches are along such different lines that. at this stage, it's probably better to pursue our individual lines of development (while definitely keeping a close eye on what each other is doing <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle"> ).

    For the record (as I've just said in another thread), my aim has been to produce plugins/behaviors (MultiPlayer and PhotonClient) that operate at a much higher level of abstraction than awarmenhoven is proposing, in order to make it as easy as possible for those who want to get into multiplayer gaming but have limited experience of low-level networking - or simply prefer to work with higher level operations. So, here's the very different basic set of ACEs in my C2 plugins/behaviors:

    • Condition: New web player has joined
    • Condition: Web player has been updated
    • Condition: On collision with another player
    • Condition: Web player/s to be created
    • Condition: On my player moved
    • Condition: Web player has left (use this to destroy the associated sprite)
    • Condition: Game server is ready
    • Action: Set the web player's ID (from the C2-allocated UID)
    • Action: Initialise data of web player to create (from the server-allocated client ID and its current x/y coordinates)
    • Expression: Get current X co-ordinate of web player
    • Expression: Get current Y co-ordinate of web player
    • Expression: Get web player's C2 UID
    • Expression: Get number of web players to make (on joining game)
    • Expression: Get the player's server-allocated UID
    • Expression: Get the player's name
    • Expression: Get the player's current score
    • Expression: Get the player's current health
  • Could you release your server? I am having problems with my own.

  • But a Heart error was found. Anyone pickup a heart would receive the HP restore. A new c2runtime has been uploaded.

    Also a new problem has just been spotted with some players dying in one shot. sigh. bugs :D, changed the condition to check for HP 0 to try and fix this.

    will reply to everyone wonderful comments shortly :)

  • Wink

    Thanks. I started talking to awarmenhoven by way of email. He has already started. I'm catching up on some of the tech he wants to use :D

    I would go for kickstarter or something like that. but there should be a lot to talk about. We both agree we would like to make the discussion open to the community for input.

    I totally understand where you coming from. Keep up the excellent work. I think more minds are better than one though :). Plus no matter what the route we need to use Plugin in one for or another :)


    sent a PM

  • I need stop working on this game :D

    * Added shooting sounds with distance based volume :)

    * duplicate player seems fixed based on latest tests.

    If anyone wants I'll post the photon plugin used for the game.

  • You bet we want ;)

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