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  • Anyone over here have experience with using SQL server?

    Can I use C2 coupled with SQL server to create an online mmorpg-like game?

    Please, if you can. Try to help me. ;)

    Tom Ashley R0J0hound sqiddster Yann

    Sorry for the ... But this is really important for me.

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  • For this type of questions check the how do I FAQ first.

    In this case check the section "Multiplayer/Networking".

  • Why isn't there my name in the list D:


    Well , You won't be able to do it right now , Technically , you can make a multiplayer game , but I don't think a mmorpg ...

    I don't think you can make realtime updated SQL database , and websocket isn't really suitable to mmo's

    I hope that answered something

  • I'm sorry I can't help you, I don't know anything about this sort of thing!

    However, I'm fairly sure the answer is "It might be possible, but you are better off coding it from scratch".

    Keep in mind that an mmorpg is insanely complex and quite out of the scope of C2.

  • In this special case, if you don't know how to do it already, you aren't suited to do it.

    If you still want to do it, post a paid offer in the "help wanted" section. Since you need a license to use SQL server, and such license is quite expensive, I'm guessing you have a budget for this project. In that case, you're better off paying someone to help you, since a MMORPG is a HUGE undertaking.

  • It depends on your idea of an MMO. If you're thinking WoW, EQ/EQ2, etc...then no. If you're thinking about the browser MMO genre like you see on Facebook then you could do something like that.

    I'm working on a browser based MMO myself at the's a rewrite of my original browser professional wrestling MMO UWE. Originally it was a standard html + js front end and used Ajax to contact a php/MySQL back end. This version will use C2 to create a HTML5 front end which uses AJAX to communicate with the back end.

    tl;dr - Depending on your idea of a MMO, yes is is possible.

  • Whiteclaws I was in a ruh when I created the list, I was going to include Kyatric too.

    Thanks for all the replies.

    theubie We have an early demo of the game, it will be a small game for me and my friends and others in the awesome Scirra community.

  • ... Can I use C2 coupled with SQL server to create an online mmorpg-like game?

    IMO, SQL Server is not a good match for multiplayer games - in that context, its overhead would be too high, leading to a lag that impacts on responsiveness.

    A couple of better matches:

    NodeJS - have a look at my Multiplayer plugin/behavior.

    Photon Server/Cloud - specifically designed to support multiplayer gaming. Have a look at my Photon Server plugin. I'm currently working on a Photon Cloud plugin/behavior.

  • Velojet Thank you :) I still have trouble setting up a node server.

  • Yes, you can certainly couple C2 with SQL Server, by using Construct's AJAX object to make a request to a server-side script (e.g. a .NET .ashx handler) that calls a stored procedure in the database. I've done this to create a multiplayer "simcity"-style game in a shared world, but never an MMORPG.

    Whether this is a good design for your game or not really depends on the requirements of your project. SQL Server is a relational database, just like any other (Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, DB2...). It's good for storing and accessing large amounts of data (think gigabytes at the minimum), but it's not going to be as efficient as an in-memory or local storage option if you're just storing a small amount of data.

    If you're going to be loading level/terrain data in discrete stages (e.g. retrieve the current location of items/characters from the database when the game first loads, or when the player enters a new area, and write back to the database only occasionally when they change) then this would work well. However, it would not be so efficient if you want to send continuous packets of data to and from the server representing each character's actions in real-time.

    As others have mentioned, there are a lot of complex issues in MMORPG design, and a lot of clever workarounds required to keep the world synchronised between players. If this is your first project, I'd seriously recommend you scale down your aspirations to start with - perhaps just create a 2-player game in which the world is synchronised via a central server - and then work up to something like this. Good luck!

  • My game for the Ouya is kind of a multiplayer game and with AJAX, PHP, and Mysql it works great. Its the type of game which doesn't require millisecond response time, thats why in my case it works.

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