One year with C2 and a small gift.

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  • Today is exactly a year as I work with Construct 2.

    It might seem not much but I've spent this year very intensively with Construct 2 as my main "job". Working with C2 nearly everyday for more than 10 hours a day gave me pretty clear understanding of what is going on around. I had more than 10 years of development experience before I started to use C2 which surely helped me understand things better and faster.

    During this intensive year I struggled a lot with many things but in the end I always managed to achieve my goal. I've managed to write two e-books, AirConsole-Construct2 game, several mobile games and many prototypes which will rise some day as desktop/browser games.

    I am proud and happy I've managed to do it. So with this one-year "celebration" day I just wanted to say my very conscious C2 feedback. I find Construct 2 as a masterpiece. Time is the most valuable matter in our lives. And there is no way you can build apps faster than using C2. And the community! - You know!

    Alright. At the end of this kinda sentimental post which I'm writing at 6am I thought I'll give you something Community!

    Well it's nothing much but I just wanted to share something so I've created a blog and added first post regarding free assets. I wrote a list of all free asset sources I found till now and use on a daily basis for prototyping etc.

    Hope You'll find it useful.

    I will post there various C2 tutorials and other stuff related to game development soon. Will keep you updated.


  • Thanks for the great list.

    I wish if we see hit games made by C2, I played the hit mobile game "LoneWolf" and anyone can make such a game using C2.

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  • Thank you for the list

    I completely agree with you. Developing software is hard and time consuming (even with tools like Unity or UE4). Construct 2 brings the magic there. It's easier and a lot faster than any software out there while (and imho it's very important too) not being a cookie cutter engine. I'm often amazed by how much I can do with this masterpiece. The possibilities are almost endless.

    I wish if we see hit games made by C2, I played the hit mobile game "LoneWolf" and anyone can make such a game using C2.

    Indeed, that would be nice, but I think that time is closer than you'd think. The last Ludum Dare was won by a C2 game, and Steam has more and more products pop up. Aviary Attorney was even mentioned in the Cooptional Podcast.

  • Regarding free assets. If someone didn't manage to grab the GDC'15 Sonniss pack last year - here it is. 10GB of totally free sounds for your games.

  • Nice share! Here's to many more wonderful years here. Haha hope to be here to see C3 and beyond!

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