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  • Hi,

    I have this idea, to make included event sheets work like groups, so you can expand/collapse them for quick view of the event. And this is a better solution, then current opening in new tab ( thought it can be kept, letting the user to choose the way), because it will let user see and compare events on same events sheet. Even letting user edit those would be even more useful. This idea came to me in search of more organised workflow (if you'd want to read about it, it in the next paragraph).

    For a very long time, I've been always aiming to use as little events as possible, by using families. But there is always a breaking point for me, especially after short break, and even with notes, and documentations, I just get lost in what I did. So now, while being in bathroom ( as it is commonly the case ), I thought that I will be making event sheet per object, and possibly only making some general, family based events for most basic and common tasks, like State Machine. But all other stuff will be on dedicated sheets, even if that would mean that I'd have many events that could be made with one event group. I just think this will help me keep things simply organised [thought if you have any word on the performance impact, I'd like to know that]. But having that kind of ability to collapse/expand included event sheet, would be a step in to streamlining the workflow.

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