One of four animations wont run!

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    For some reason, the "ReverseUp" animation just simply will not play. I've compared to my other processes and it is exactly the same, and yet just this one will not play.

    I've been wrestling with it for a few days now and am left with the same question - what am I missing here.

    Forgive me if the code is a little amateurish - I'm still wrapping my head around Construct - but please tell me what I am doing wrong :P

    Thank you all in advance!

  • Can't quite pin point it yet, but I believe it has to do with you setting it back to the default animation. As that is whast plays instead of reverseup.

  • Yeah, I hear you - I tried disabling all default anims, but it still wouldn't play. I'm curious if it might be related to the order of the directions, but even then, I can't seem to find anything on the subject :(

    Thank you so much for having a look! Dying to fix this, or at least be put in the right direction. Right now, I just simply don't know *why* this is happening.

  • It is playing "ReverseUp" but it's not playing the full animation. "Up" has 8 frames, "ReverseUp" has 14. When "Up" is on the last frame (frame 7), "ReverseUp" starts at 14 - 7 = frame 7.

    Set animation frame to [b]fallman.AnimationFrameCount - fallman.AnimationFrame[/b]

    works for the other directions because they have equal number of frames.

    You could do:

    Set animation frame to [b]fallman.AnimationFrameCount - fallman.AnimationFrame * 2[/b]
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  • grumble. Thank you so much ramones. I feel dumb as heck now, but that's what happens when you stare *only* at the event sheet - :P

    Sincerest thank you's.

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